Editorial Design

Biophilia is a phenomenon that describes our innate tendency to seek connection with natural environments and living species. For thousands of years, humans have coexisted with plants, animals, and natural materials that have played an important role in our evolution. Research suggests that losing our connection to these primal elements is detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Before modern civilization, hunter-gatherers spent most of their time outdoors immersed in nature. As populations increased and urban areas grew, our cities became a new type of habitat we created for ourselves. Buildings became more enclosed, darker, and separate from the outside world, weakening our connection to the environment we evolved in.
Biophilia is a reminder that the natural world is an essential part of who we are as species. The presence of plants in our daily lives is crucial for our well-being and could be easily adapted into our urban ecosystems. Nature and architecture can work together to break down the walls between inside and outside.

Houseplants have been an important element of human connection to the natural world. Biophilia brings attention to our co-dependence with nature and emphasizes the natural beauty of plants through color, illustration, and typography.

8.5” x 11”


Printing Method

The entirety of the book was printed using a risograph printer. The texture and color of this printing technique provide a deeper sense of materiality and vibrancy.